Daily Gold Reward

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Earn Daily Gold Rewards!


Click the Get Gold button to open the Get Gold panel, with 4 options for getting gold. Option 1 is our Daily Rewards system.

Log in every day to keep your rewards high, and become a VIP Club Member to double the rewards you earn! Gold rewards increase if you collect Gold every day.

• Day 1: Non VIP reward is 5 Gold | VIP reward is 10 Gold.
• Day 2: Non VIP reward is 10 Gold | VIP reward is 20 Gold.
• Day 3: Non VIP reward is 15 Gold | VIP reward is 30 Gold.
• Day 4: Non VIP reward is 20 Gold | VIP reward is 40 Gold.
• Day 5 onwards: Non VIP reward is 25 Gold | VIP reward is 50 Gold.

If you miss a day, you go back to the start, so make sure you log in every day to get your free Gold!

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