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Earn Gold, Tokens and CL By Inviting Friends To Play SmallWorlds!

To invite your friends to play SmallWorlds, click on Me on your bottom Toolbar, then choose Invite Friends from the menu on the Me panel.


Your Rewards For Inviting

When your friend creates a SmallWorlds account, you will receive 50 Gold, 100 Tokens and 1 Citizen Point.

When your friend reaches  Level 10 PrimaryXP, you will receive a total of 150 Gold, 300 Tokens, and 21 Citizen Points (1CL).

Your Email Must Be Verified

To receive these rewards, your e-mail must be verified. (Click on the Settings icon, go into the Account panel, then click Verify Email Address).


The Three Ways To Invite Friends And Gain Rewards

1. The new Invite Link gives you your very own address which you can share with friends however you wish. Simply copy the link and paste it around!

2. Facebook Sharing will post on your wall if you have your SmallWorlds account connected to Facebook.

3. Send e-mail invitations to your friends by typing in their e-mail addresses.

Friendship Connections

Your invited friends will be automatically be added to your My Friends list, and your avatars will all be added to your new invited friends’ lists also. You will also receive mail confirming these new friendship connections.

Honor System

Please respect the invite system, as it is heavily monitored by our detection systems. Incorrect use (such as inviting fake friends) will see your rewards removed and your account access restricted or removed.

If you require further Gold, please support SmallWorlds by using the options from within the Get Gold panel inside the game.

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