What To Do If You’ve Been Scammed

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Although most SmallWorlds players are honorable, it pays to be careful when dealing with others, especially when buying, selling, or trading items. Follow the advice in this article to stay safe!

What Are Scams?

A scam is when someone tricks you in order to get something that belongs to you (an item, tokens, or gold). Click here for a list of known scams.

How To Not Be Scammed

- Never ‘lend’ anything, not even to a BFF. If you do, you should expect to not get it back.

- Always use the Trading widget to trade with others. No exceptions.

- Follow these instructions to buy and trade safely

- Double check prices and items before making any trade or purchase.

- Never share accounts

- Don’t fall for scams offering you free Gold or VIP

- Follow these instructions if somebody locks you out of a room where you’ve placed items

What To Do If You Get Scammed

If someone scams you, please report the player. Be as specific as possible. In most cases, that player will be banned.

You can also contact us about the scam, however in most cases we can’t refund items, tokens, or gold, or compensate for losses in any way. The loss was usually a result of your choice to follow through with the scam.

In certain circumstances SmallWorlds will restore rare items and/or an amount of currency lost. Once you’ve received this exception, you are not eligible for it again.

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