What To Do If You Can't Purchase An Item That's On Sale

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Occasionally we discount items in our Shop Catalog, and you need to Share your purchase on Facebook in order to receive the discount.

A small number of players have been having problems when they try to purchase these discounted items. If you encounter a technical problem when trying to purchase, please use the following steps to try to resolve your issue:

1. Make sure your SmallWorlds account has an email address associated with it. 

2. Disconnect your SmallWorlds account from your Facebook account.

3. Once disconnected, the link should have changed to say 'Connect Account'. Check this is the case.

4. Make sure your Facebook account is no longer connected to SmallWorlds, as follows:
    a. Log into your Facebook account and go to https://www.facebook.com/settings
    b. Click on Apps in the left menu.
    c. Search for SmallWorlds in the list of your apps. If you can't find it, you are no longer connected.
    d. If you do find it, click on the app and then click the Remove App link.


5. Now it's time to reconnect to Facebook and try again to purchase the item. You can either reconnect to Facebook in your SmallWorlds Settings panel (click the Cog on your top toolbar in SmallWorlds to open your Settings), or simply try to purchase the item again and you will be automatically prompted to reconnect.

6. If you still can't purchase the discounted item, it's worth trying on a different browser. We recommend trying Firefox or Chrome.

7. If you have gone through these steps and still can't make the purchase, please contact our customer services team to let them know. Any information you provide will help our dev team diagnose and fix this issue. 

NOTE: Our dev team are working to resolve this problem. Because it's only affecting a few, it's difficult to reproduce and solve, but they are investigating and hope to have it resolved soon.

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