How To Report A Space For Offensive Content

SmallWorlds Community Services -

If you visit a space that contains offensive content, please report it.

For details on what is acceptable in private spaces, please click here.

To report the content in a space:

1. Click on the Camera icon on the Space Settings bar.

2. Position the camera so that it shows the offensive content and take a picture of it.

3. Choose Report Content.

4. Enter the specific details on why you are reporting this content. 

Scamming/Phishing: Select this if the space is set up to trick you out of items or Gold, or to get your personal details such as your email or password.

Sexual or racial abuse: Select this if the space contains unacceptable sexual or racist content.

Obscene language or material: Select this if the space contains bad language or other offensive content such as obscene Flickr images or video.

Other: If reporting for a reason not covered above, select Other. In the textbox describe what the problem with the content is. Be as specific as possible. The more detailed and accurate, the easier it is for us to take appropriate action. You will not get in trouble if you put curse words in your report. Make sure you have at least 15 characters or you will not be able to submit the report. If the Report button is not clickable you have not entered enough information in the report.

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