Completing Offers to Earn Gold

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The Machines in the Factory (and other locations throughout SmallWorlds) offer a  way to earn SmallWorlds Gold.

We work with Offer Machine Providers to ensure all offers are suitable for our audience. If you notice any offer that may not be suitable, please provide a screenshot of the content, the name of the offer, and name of the provider to our customer services team by clicking here.

Before you accept one of the offers:

  • Please ensure you are genuinely interested in the offer.
  • If you are 16 years old or younger, please check with your parents first.
  • Do not accept offers that are not appropriate for your age.

Important Information

  • Offers will most likely require you to provide personal information. If you are not comfortable with providing personal information, then this method of earning gold is not suitable for you.
  • You are providing information to advertisers. Advertisers like to email offers to individuals for marketing purposes. If you do not wish to receive advertisers email offers in your main email account, you may want to create a separate email account to use for offers.
  • When completing the offers, please make sure you read all the details/fine print associated with that offer before you agree to that offer. Once you agree, you have made an agreement to comply with the requests of that offer.
  • Free offers when they exceed 1000 gold may require you to participate in a trial offer. Trial offers will require you to provide a credit card to hold the offer.

Upon accurately completing an offer, you should receive your gold.

Missing Gold

If you do not receive your gold you will need to file a Customer Service Request with the offer providers to obtain your missing gold. Here are the contact details of the customer support teams for each of our Offers providers.

Radium One (formerly known as gWallet)

Peanut Labs



Super Rewards


Offer Toro

Offer Toro Support

Revenue Universe

Revenue Universe Support

AdGate Media

AdGate Support

AdWork Media


Supersonic Support

Because these are an external application you must contact the offer provider for your missing gold.

SmallWorlds cannot payout the gold you are missing from the offer providers.

Policy and Procedures

Please note the turnaround time for a response from the Offer Machines is 24 – 48 hours. This does not necessarily mean that you will recover your missing gold in that timeframe.

Validation of proper completion of an offer maybe required and this would mean consulting with the advertiser, which can take a few days. If the advertiser deems that the offer was not completed appropriately, the gold will not be paid. This is why it is extremely important to read the complete details of the offer.

Completing offers provides a way to earn SmallWorlds Gold, but if you prefer to purchase Gold instead, please click here.

SmallWorlds communicates directly with the Offer providers when offers are canceled or reversed before completing the offers as required in the agreed to details. Failure to comply with an offer that you originally agreed to will mean that gold rewarded will be reversed. Offers do allow you to cancel after you have completed a trial period. This reversal applies to if you have canceled an offer or requested a cancellation from their credit card prior to meeting the agreed terms on that offer.

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