How To Report Another Player

SmallWorlds Community Services -

If a player is bothering you, in most cases you should block them instead of reporting them. Click here for information on how to block an avatar.

However, if a SmallWorlds citizen is breaking the rules, or their behavior is serious, you can report that citizen and we will investigate. See below for specific cases when you should report.

How To Report An Avatar

1. Click on the avatar and select Manage.

2. Select Report.

3. Fill in the reason for your report. Include as much information as possible.

How To Report An Avatar Who Has Sent You Mail

You can report an an avatar who has sent you inworld mail by selecting the message in your Inbox and clicking Report.

If the mail is seriously offensive, threatening, or trying to scam you (eg. by pretending to be from a SmallWorlds Staff Member, or asking you for your password), please also Report the mail by clicking on Report (next to Block). 

How To Search For And Report An Avatar

From the Me Panel, click on Find Friends, and search for the avatar you want to report. Then click Report user.

From this panel you can also ban this avatar from your space(s), and block them.

When should I Report?

    • If another citizen uses obscene, racist, or otherwise vulgar language
    • If another citizen talks about, asks for, or simulates sexual acts
    • If you know a citizen is cheating or otherwise violating the SmallWorlds Terms of Service
    • If a citizen is spamming (repeating the same message over and over)
    • If a citizen is trying to scam you or someone else
    • If a space or mission contains offensive material
    • If a citizen states they are under the age of 13

What NOT To Report!

Moderators will NOT respond to reports about the following issues:

1 - being booted from someone's private space
2 - another citizen being mean or unkind to you (If this happens just block them)
3 - a citizen requesting that you be their bf/gf/ mom or dad.

Moderators also won't respond to reports which don't have enough information. It's REALLY important to make sure that your reports have a full description of the problem or issue. Quote where possible. Reports with insufficient information cannot be actioned by the Moderator team. They really want to help you, so please make it easy for them to do so!

What If The Activity Happens Outside SmallWorlds?

If you come across a website that is trying to phish for email addresses or any other external problem please contact our customer services team by clicking here and report it. 

On-duty Moderators read all reports as they are submitted. Response time depends on how busy they are, but rest assured they will deal with the issue as soon as they can, sometimes within minutes.

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