How to Block Another Player

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If a SmallWorlds citizen is harassing or annoying you, please Block that player. This will stop the player from being able to continue their behavior.

How To Block An Avatar Inworld

1. Click on the avatar and select Manage.

2. Select Block.

You can Unblock them the same way.

How To Block An Avatar Who Has Sent You Mail

You can block an an avatar who has sent you inworld mail by selecting the message in your Inbox and clicking Block.

If the mail is seriously offensive, threatening, or trying to scam you (eg. by pretending to be from a SmallWorlds Staff Member, or asking you for your password), please also Report the mail by clicking on Report (next to Block). 

How To Search For And Block An Avatar

From the Me Panel, click on Find Friends, and search for the avatar you want to block. Then click Block this avatar.

From this panel you can also ban this avatar from your space(s), and report them.

When To Block Another Player

When a player is bothering you, ALWAYS Block them rather than reporting them, except in a few specific instances.

You should report the player if they:

    • Talk about, ask for, or simulate sexual acts
    • If they are cheating or otherwise violating the SmallWorlds Terms of Service
    • If they spam (repeating the same message over and over)
    • If they are scamming other citizens
    • If they say they are under the age of 13

Click here for information about how to report a player

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