What Content Is Acceptable In SmallWorlds Private Spaces?

SmallWorlds Community Services -

SmallWorlds strives to perfect the balance between the protection of our players and preservation of freedom of expression.

This is a family-friendly world, and the minimum age of our players is 13 years.

In our public spaces we have a very strict policy on posted content. We actively monitor and remove any content of lewd, offensive or otherwise inappropriate nature.

Generally if content in a private space would be acceptable in a public real-world environment, such as on an advertising billboard or in a normal (non-adult) magazine, we will allow it to remain.

We treat the content in a space as a separate issue from the behaviour of players.

When content is reported our Moderation team will investigate the space and if necessary:

  • Remove inappropriate content.
  • Warn the owner of the space that they are responsible for content and behaviour.
  • Require the owner to password protect or member-restrict their space.

Refer to this article for information on how to report a space that contains offensive content.

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