When Is It Okay To Use Magic On Others?

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Magic fights are fun! But if someone asks you not to shoot them and you keep going, it can turn into harassment. 

You may be reported for harassment if you:

- Keep shooting a player with magic after they have asked you to stop. 

- Shoot a player with magic relentlessly.

- Incite others to 'gang up' and shoot a player relentlessly.

Using magic to provoke a player into swearing at you so you can report them is not acceptable. This will also be treated as harassment.

You should not report players for harassment if:

- You are in a Magic Fight space. By being in the space, you are stating you are willing to be shot.

- You are in a public space and you have not used the Lion Guardian for protection. If you are not willing to use the Lion Guardian, you are stating you are willing to be shot. 

Click here for details on how to report a player.

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