How To Get Tokens

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Tokens are an “achievement currency”. They are earned by doing things in SmallWorlds and winning prizes. Tokens cannot be exchanged for Gold.

Tokens can be earned in any of the following ways:

Method #1: Missions

Complete missions, have fun and earn tokens and XP! Keep an eye out too: every so often SmallWorlds features special official missions with special reward items.

Method #2: Kudos!

Kudos is the name of SmallWorlds’ monthly rewards program. Just about everything will earn you Kudos points: creating artwork, doing missions – even logging in! Fill up your weekly quota to get sweet XP bonuses, and complete all four weeks in a month to earn that month’s Kudos prize! Get more info.

Method #3: Playing Arcade Games

Arcade Games are available through the arcade cabinets and game consoles, playing games will reward you with both tokens and explorer XP!

Method #4: Item Sales

Save your Monthly Collectable and other rare items (such as from special SmallWorlds official missions) and keep an eye on the player-run stores to see what their value is. The longer you wait, the more the items will become worth and you can sell them for tokens or usually for gold.

As you get more advanced be sure to check out the Marketplace forum.

Method #5: Arcade, Pool & Other Mini Games

Compete in daily tournaments or issue challenges to other players to wager tokens or gold.

Method #6: Refunding Items

You can refund items which you have bought with tokens to get a percentage of that items value back.

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