What can I do If My Child's Account Has Been Compromised or Someone Has Taken Their Items?

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Unfortunately there are some unscrupulous players who try to trick people into giving away their email address and password.

If this has happened to your child, follow these steps as soon as possible:

1. Immediately change their SmallWorlds password.

2. Let us know what's happened as soon as you can. Use one of the following ways to contact us:

  • If your child is logged into SmallWorlds they can report the person responsible. This is the quickest way to get help. 
  • Or you can send an email to support@smallworlds.com 
    If you email from the same email address that your child logs into SmallWorlds with, our support team will be able to verify you and respond more quickly.

Unfortunately we usually can't refund your child's losses after they have had items stolen.

We do everything we can to educate players not to give away any personal details, especially their password. However phishers still manage to trick people into doing just that.


Why Would Someone Give out Their Password?

Phishers will say things like, “I will load up your account with gold” or “I can give you free VIP but I need access to your account”. Sometimes they make it into a trust game: “I like you, I want to show you that you can trust me. Give me your password!”.

Don’t be tempted, it’s a trick! As soon as you give out your password, that player will log into your account and change your email address and password so that you can no longer access it and you won’t be able to reset the password.

When this happens we refer to the account as “being compromised” as once an account has had unauthorized access it is susceptible.


But the Person Says That They Are Smallworlds Staff.

This assures you that they are lying and up to no good, because a real member of SmallWorlds staff will never ask for your password.

SmallWorlds Staff will NEVER email you in world requesting your account information.



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