How does SmallWorlds ensure my child’s safety while playing?

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To ensure that our users have a positive experience and stay safe while playing SmallWorlds, we have created tools to manage what your child is exposed to and who they are able to interact with.

We recommend that you and your child read the following information together so that you both understand what features are available to ensure your child's safety while playing SmallWorlds. 


  • Language Filter

Under your child's account settings there is a mature language filter, that is turned on by default. While this chat filter is on, all inappropriate words (and common attempts to avoid the language filter), will appear as random numerics.

Other words that have been blocked are the names of different forms of social media such as Skype, Facebook, Kik etc, as SmallWorlds does not allow personal information to be shared within the game. 

  • Blocking Users

If your child encounters a player that they do not wish to communicate with, they can click on that user's avatar, either by clicking on them in a space or by searching them in the people tab, then they can block the avatar which will block all chat and mail from that user.

If your Child is friends with the player that they block, this feature will also remove the two players as friends.

  • Reporting Users

If your Child witnesses another SmallWorlds Player who is not behaving according to the SmallWorlds Rules, your child can report the player.

  • Room Moderation Tools

If your child is the owner of their space they are able to kick and ban users from their space. Kicking a player from a space places an automatic 5min ban on them from re-entering that space. A permanent ban can be added using the Space Settings panel.

  • Set Room Access To Members Only Or Password-Protect It

Your child has the ability to control who has access to their room. In the Space Setting panel they can password-protect their space to stop people being able to enter, or grant access only to members (who they nominate). 

  • Profile Privacy Settings

Your child can control who sees whether they are online and what space they are in. They can set this to 'Friends Only', so only people in their Friends list can see this.

  • SmallWorlds is An R13 World

SmallWorlds only caters to individuals who are 13 years and older. Our registration process asks for a Date Of Birth and will not allow players under 13 to create an account. If we discover players under the age of 13 we will delete their account. 

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