Scam: Selling of Items or Accounts for Real Money or Virtual Currency/Accounts

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SmallWorlds will not allow the Selling of Items for Real Money or Virtual Currency/Accounts or the Sale of SmallWorlds Accounts.

If you see any player attempt to sell items for Real Money or Virtual Currency/Accounts or the sale of SmallWorlds Accounts please report them.

Examples of this would be:

"If you credit my PayPal account with $5 I'll gift you the Oak Chair"

  • Selling a SmallWorlds Item for Real Money

"Selling my account for 5000 Gold, I have a Snow Fox in my inventory"

  • Selling your Account in SmallWorlds for SmallWorlds Currency

"I will give you my Yoville account for your SmallWorlds Account"

  • Selling SmallWorlds account for another Virtual Currency or Item(s)

This is a very dangerous practice that is causing real loss for unsuspecting people. A similar scam is the "if you buy Gold for me I'll do x, y or z for you".

Never accept an offer like this from another player.
There is no way to be sure that they will:

  • will not just keep your money - it's a classic scam.
  • promise you items in their account that are not there

Besides, it's almost always better value to earn or buy some Gold and purchase the item from SmallWorlds or another player using the proper buy/sell process.

SmallWorlds may instantly ban any player who takes part in a transaction like this - this includes both buyers and sellers.

Never share your personal information (such as PayPal account email addresses etc.) with other players.

SmallWorlds cannot accept responsibility or compensate people in any way for any loss they may have suffered for taking part in this practice. Always report players who take part in scamming.

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