SmallWorlds Forum Guidelines And Forum Moderation Policy

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The following actions and content are NOT allowed on the SmallWorlds Forums:

Do not perform the following actions against a player:

  • Make personal attacks, insults, harassment or name-calling.
  • Violate another player’s privacy by discussing actions in SmallWorld or in real life.
    • This includes trying to locate an individual who may have disappeared from the game for personal/or other reasons.
  • Post personal information about yourself or another player such as emails, passwords, real names and/or avatar names.
  • Post images (or posts) that include other avatars' names or real names without their consent or in a negative light.
  • Post information that could cause harm to your SmallWorlds account (User Identification).
  • Use terms that are deemed inappropriate such as obscenities, vulgarity, or actions of a sexual nature. This includes using variations of spelling to disguise obscenity.
  • Disrespect a player’s religion, race, nation, gender or sexual orientation.
  • Disrespect a group of people on SmallWorlds (for example: Newbies, VIPS/Non-VIPS).
  • Troll the forums: “Trolling” is deliberately following another player (or group) for the sole purpose of causing trouble without providing any constructive feedback for the thread.

Do not violate General Forums Guidelines by doing the following actions:

  • Create multiple posts or threads on the same topic in order to gain attention to an issue.
  • Create a personal ad seeking another individual for companionship.
  • Post personal messages to another player, we have in game email for that purpose.
  • Create a post to advise you are leaving the game. Tell your friends privately as the forums are not to be used as a personal message center.
  • Post a private debate with another person or group. Please resolve this issue outside of the public forums.
  • Use the forums to create your position to debate an issue within game, such as polls, petitions, etc. that can be handled by other means, such as contacting
  • Post with the intent of stirring up trouble or inciting disruption.
  • Make posts that are irrelevant to the thread you are posting in or create threads that are irrelevant to the topic of the forum you are posting in.
  • Post links to cheats, exploits, or websites that can be harmful to players. Threads created for promoting and/or advertising a site (including Fansites) will be moved to off-world discussion.
  • Use Forums Signatures - this includes unnecessary text following a forums post that is repeated after each post you create. Also, IMAGES THAT CONTAIN YOUR NAME and/or OTHER GRAPHIC (or oversized images) used at the end of your forums posts.
  • Bump/reply to threads that are old without adding additional content or commentary about the topic.
  • Post obscene or sexual images or language (acceptable images are those that you would see in a teen magazine, like Seventeen).
  • Post or create a thread containing a topic that would not be suitable for discussion in a classroom of teenage students- including but not limited to suicide, murder, rape, abuse, violence, crime.
  • Post by the same person using multiple avatars (i.e., alternate avatars).
  • Posting a thread/post to seek donations of items/tokens/gold for your space and/or avatar's needs.
  • Reveal confidential information relating to SmallWorlds business, policy, or operations.

Do not abuse the Marketplace Forums by:

  • Advertising a sale of an account or accounts in world.
  • Advertising the sale of items in world in exchange for real world money or virtual currency/items on another online game.
  • Posting a sale of an item that you do not own.
  • Posting as an alternate avatar in order to increase the sales price for your item.
  • Hijacking or providing negative comments in regards to another person’s sale.
  • Bumping a sale thread excessively - once every three hours is maximum. (This includes deleting posts to hide bumps and creating multiple sales threads less then three hours apart.)
  • Bumping a friend's thread to avoid the bumping rule. (This includes deleting posts to hide bumps)
  • Posting comments not related to the sale of the item. (general messages)
  • Not following through in game with an agreed-upon sale/trade within 3 days after the agreement is made. This is considered a scam.

Do not abuse the Moderation Process by:

  • Re-posting material that has been locked or moved by the forum staff.
  • Posting using an alternate avatar when your account has been banned in world or on the forums and you choose to continue inappropriate behavior. This will attract a permanent forum ban for the alternate avatar and an extension of the existing ban.
  • Making posts about in-world or forum moderation. If you have a concern about how an action was handled by a moderator, provide all your details to
  • Speculating over or publicizing the identity of the private avatars of players and/or SmallWorlds team members. Please respect player and team member privacy.
  • Requesting to have a thread removed or closed. We will only allow this action for the Marketplace/Competition forum. Once created, a thread is owned by the SmallWorlds Community - think before you post!

How do I report a post/thread?

To report a forums post/thread, on the bottom right corner of a post you will see "Report Post" button. In the case of a thread, select the "Report Post" button and report any post within that thread. When you report a post, we request that you clearly define what guideline has been broken and the actual behavior that you feel has broken that guideline. Providing that valuable explanation helps to identify the true issue within the post and without that support for your claim can make the decision to determine if an actual guideline was broken difficult.

Forum Moderation Policy

We reserve the right to take any of the following actions in regard to a post which violates these forum rules. Our actions will vary depending upon the severity of the transgression. It may include any one or more of the following (in order of severity):

Moderator actions to posts or threads:

  • Edit your post.
  • Remove images/links/videos that are in violation.
  • Remove a post/thread.
  • Close a thread.

Consequences of violating the guidelines detailed above:

  • Receive a general forums warning for behavior.
  • Receive an in game warning for continued behavior and note abuse on the account.
  • Account suspended from the forums for a period of time for failure to adhere to previous warnings.
  • Account banned in game for continued behavior abuse.
  • Individuals who violate the rules of the forums may not receive any warning before an action is taken.
  • SmallWorlds reserves the right to change or amend these rules at any time.
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