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Groups are a really fun way to make friends. Whether you choose to start one yourself, or join one that's already established, I'd really like to encourage you to give Groups in SmallWorlds a chance! You've got nothing to lose, and loads of in-world friends to gain!

If you want to create a group, my first (and best) piece of advice would be to create a group that you'll really enjoy working on.

How to Create a Group

It's so easy!

-1 Click on the PEOPLE icon at the bottom of your screen.
-2 On the left side of the People/Friends page, choose the option CREATE GROUP
-3 Type in A) the name for your group, B) its description, C) choose a group tag, D) paste the forum page address in the website field, E) choose a membership policy option and (finally!) F) click theCreate Group tab.

When choosing a name for your group, keep in mind it should be a catchy name that will be easy for people to remember. In the group description, you can note any specific requirements needed in order to join the group. You can also add in meeting days and times.

Membership policy
options are Open, Closed, or Secret.

* If you choose Open, anyone can do a search for your group by typing it's name in the GROUP SEARCH. If they click the JOIN GROUP option, they will be made a member of the group.

* Choosing the CLOSED group option will require the group leader; or an officer within the group, to visit with a prospective new member and then send them a group invitation.

* The SECRET group option is similar to closed group in so much as new members must receive an invitation to join. The difference between the CLOSED group and the SECRET group options is the visibility within the group search function. Secret groups can not be found if searched for.

Inviting someone to the group

To invite a person to the group, click on their avatar. Click on the icon named MANAGE, then on the ADD TO GROUP icon.
Lastly, click the INVITE tab.

Membership within the Group

Once your group membership numbers begin to grow, you can keep individuals as regular members, or you can assign them a title in the group.
* OFFICERS have the ability to add & remove members as well as mail the entire group via group mail.

* CONTRIBUTORS have the ability to mail the whole group via group mail.

Group Mail

As an owner of a group you do not have to individually mail each member to get a message to them, you can send out group mail to all the members within your group via the Group Mail function. As noted above both Officers & Contributors also have the ability to send group mail.

Create a forum thread for your group.

When you start a group, it's important to remember that all SmallWorlds Terms and Conditions apply to groups, and good to remind your members of this (your group forum thread is a good place to do this). Be sure to remind group members to be mindful of forum etiquette.

The group forum is also a good way for staff and members to communicate and share group information without having to constantly fill up members in-world mail inbox's. Remind your members to keep a check on the group forum thread for updates.

Create a Group Space

Make one of your spaces a group space. This is where you can hold meetings, place doors which link to other group spaces or member spaces, add links to the group forum, & so much more!

Above all, have fun!

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