Selling Back (Refunding) An Item

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Selling an item back to SmallWorlds removes the item from your inventory and credits you with Gold or Tokens.

To sell back an item:

1. Click on the item in your inventory.

2. Click on the 'Sell back this item' link in your inventory panel.

3. The amount you will get for selling back the item is clearly stated. Click the Sell Back button if you want to go ahead.

Purchased Items

For purchased items, the Sell Back Value is 50% of the lowest ever purchase price or 50% of the SmallWorlds shop price, whichever is the lesser value.

Spin To Win Items

For Gold-valued items won on Spin To Win Deluxe, the Sell Back Value is usually 25 Gold or less. 

(If a Spin to Win Deluxe prize item can be purchased for Gold and Tokens from a SmallWorlds shop, the Sell Back Value will be in Tokens. If it can be purchased for Gold only from a SmallWorlds shop, the Sell Back Value will be in Gold).

Selling Back (Refunding) and item is usually a 'last resort' method to swap your items for currency, as it's often more profitable to sell or trade your items instead.

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