How Do I Search For Songs on SoundCloud?

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SoundCloud is a site that allows you to upload your own music. You can play SoundCloud tracks through any of the SoundCloud players in SmallWorlds. (You can tell they’re SoundCloud players by their orange display panels).

You will need to create an account on Soundcloud if you want to upload and play your own soundtracks. You can also search for and play music that other people have uploaded, as long as those tracks as marked public.

When uploading tracks, it's a good idea to identify your setlist with a unique name so you can search for it. Please note that Soundcloud does not allow searches of words that are four letters or less.

Examples of ways to search on the SoundCloud Widget. (Include quotation marks to search for that exact phrase):

  • Search for a musician/band and their song title:
    • Eg. "Katy Perry" Firework
  • Search by the song title and part of the musician/band's name:
    • Eg. Katy Firework
  • Search by user/account name of a SoundCloud account:
    • Eg. "The Account Name You're Searching For"

If you wish to search for a specific song, we suggest you do not limit the search to just the song name, but include the artist name as well. If you do not receive results, then use the Troubleshooting process detailed below.

Troubleshooting: If you are unable to find the song or set list you're looking for, please try searching the database on the Sound Cloud site.

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