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This is the Change Log for
While this includes most changes and additions to the game, it doesn't include fixes we make regarding security/sensitive changes to the product.

Last update: 20th of October 2015

  • Haunted Knight's Tomb & Cursed Sarcophagus are now Rare items

  • Modified the badges on sculptures. "R" is now "L", and the yellow "R" is now purple.
  • Purchasing with insufficient gold now pops up the Get Gold Panel
  • Matches are now 3 Gold/30 Tokens, but last longer!
  • Party Popper is now craftable only
  • Added Health attribute to Graduation Gown
  • Added a new payment provider - Xsolla!
  • Added a new option for Offers - OfferToro!
  • Removed the stacking of Play Deluxe Cloaks
  • Fixed UK and Romanian flags
  • Search and Marketplace icons now appear on the Catalog
  • New payment provider has been added
  • Corrected the Pumpkin Soup item
  • Fixed ArenaXP on PVP Games
  • Autosculpt issues should now be resolved
  • Graffiti Canvas issues should now be resolved also.
  • Pool Table, Checkers, Chinese Checkers and Chess have been reactivated.
  • Attributes fixed on Santa Sleigh, Ice Skates and Snowy Cabin Staff
  • Fixed Frameless Flickr Widget search - again!
  • Fixed YouTube widget search
  • Re-added space instance refresh
  • Re-added mission completion counter inside Missions Panel
  • Editing alerts should not flick back to default settings when modified
  • Players can now delete a Group if they're the only member.
  • Space visibility should be faster now after you first purchase a space
  • Advanced Space Search feature added to Search inside the Places Panel.
  • Fixed the Planter 'Midnight Lantern'
  • Auto-Snapshot on Avatars. Your avatar will always look up-to-date.
  • The space title panel (top left) now allows a fast way to favourite spaces. Also, if you own the space you can quickly set your home space instead.
  • Our much more modern UI style is now on all Dock Panels.
  • Improved a security setting for spaces. Space owners can now disable teleports/boot interactions (by default it is allowed)
  • Fixed Play Auto Play Toy (Pet Item) to allow interactions.
  • Removed Beta Icons from Avadroid Launch Pads
  • Fixed the Male version of the Apex Dress Coat.
  • Updated the background image for the Forum/Profile/Store. The new background is optimized, roughly 10X smaller in file size.
  • Fixed issue with Play Japanese Fan
  • Added attributes to Play Black Cat Slippers and Play Kitty masks
  • The Shop Catalog Panel now has the new UI style.
  • Added the more feature-rich Marketplace (found inside the Inventory) to the Catalog.
  • Selecting Store bundle items from the rotating carousel now pauses when selected.
  • The growl when you sell an item has been fixed.
  • The teleport / boot interaction now has increased permissions to prevent rogue sellers affecting marketplace spaces.
  • The Avatar Snapshot (Me Panel) now allows wearables (head, back etc) - very cool!
  • Added character count for motto, now you can see how many characters you have remaining to use.
  • Fixed St Patrick's/Halloween/Independence Day RARE balloons to function like other holdables.
  • Large changes to existing suits and dresses. The following can now be worn with back wearables (wings etc):
    Royal Cloak, Dracula Cape, Kudos Ice Suit, Kudos Red Hood, Moda Deluxe Rouge Couture Dress, Moda Deluxe Jaune Couture Dress, Moda Deluxe Noir Couture Dress, Moda Rose Bow Dress, Moda Violet Bow Dress, Moda Bleu Bow Dress, Ghoul Suit, Elegance Wedding Dress, Elegance Black Wedding Dress.
  • Rainbow Wig is now a seasonal item
  • Puzzleworth's Floating Bubble now allows feet/hand items to be worn at the same time.
  • Added visible 'Off' state for the Sonix Sunrise/Storm/Starburst/Disco Dance Floors.
  • Easter Eggs now are visible when rotated more than 180 degrees.
  • The new Green Fairy Wings renamed "Play Fairy Nature Butterfly Wings".
  • Coast Rainbow Socks don't go grey when you sit down.
  • Bobz Heavenly Angel now has shadow underneath the item.
  • Flickr Flagpole item no longer has sorting issues when placed next to a wall.
  • Puzzleworth Fragrance no longer stacks its effect.
  • Fringe Koi Sleeve Tattoo & Roses Half-Sleeve Tattoo can now be stacked on the avatar.
  • Re-priced many Century Apartment spaces.
  • Swapped Puzzleworth item to Propeller Helmet.
  • Fixed up Lollipop (Rare) to function as expected (similar to other rare food).
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