Exploit Program: Important Safety Warning

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A known fraudster is currently asking players to download a ‘exploit program’. This exploit program supposedly lets you exploit SmallWorlds Gold after you download it.

However this program does not reward you with any Gold and is actually a key logger (a malicious program that will record your key strokes). It allows the fraudster to steal your private information.

If you have downloaded this program or sent your information to the fraudster, please immediately do the following:

1. Run a full virus check and keylogger check on your computer. (Details below).

2. If you find key logger software installed on your machine, we recommend you seek professional help to make sure it is removed.

3. Change all your passwords, including your SmallWorlds password.

Remember that you should never download any file that doesn’t come from a reputable source.

If you have used an exploit program or tried to get free Gold through any method, and you have started seeing the ‘SmallWorlds has loaded in another view’ message, it is likely your account has been compromised and you should immediately change your SmallWorlds password.

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