Don’t Fall For Scams Offering You Free Gold or VIP

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A number of people on the web advertise ways to get free SmallWorlds Gold or VIP. These are all scams. They are designed to get your login and password details so the scammer can access your account and steal your Gold and items.

Scammers create websites, videos, social media pages, and everything else they can think of in order to fool you. Some may look quite believable. Please don’t be fooled.

If you are tempted to give away your password, then remember:

· We can not refund your losses.
· Your account may be permanently banned.

Next time you see a ‘Free Gold Generator’ or a deal that’s too good to be true, ask yourself why a stranger is so eager to give you Gold.

Any email, website, video, or social media post which asks for your email address or password is from someone who is trying to steal from you.

Fake SmallWorlds Sites

Lately we have seen one or two ‘copycat’ sites that look like SmallWorlds but have a different URL. The sites are trying to fool you into thinking you’re logging into, so they can record your login details.

If you click on any link or email to access, make sure the URL you’re logging into is

Be Smart. Be Safe.

- Purchasing Gold is the easiest and best way to get Gold.
- Click here for a list of the other ways you can get Gold.

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