A Quick Guide To SmallWorlds Rules

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This is not the official Terms of Service, but a quick and easy-to-understand explanation of how to behave in SmallWorlds. You can’t go wrong by abiding by these “10 SmallWorlds Commandments”.

Thou Shalt Not Share Your Login Details with ANYONE – not even your BF/GF/BFF

      • SmallWorlds staff will never ask for your password. Anyone who does ask is trying to scam you.
      • Do not use your SmallWorlds password anywhere else on the web
      • Do not share accounts.
      • If you have shared your password, update it immediately and don’t tell ANYONE.
      • Read this and never lose your account


Thou Shalt Not Bully

Bullying is harassment and is treated very seriously. Serious cases will be escalated to the authorities. 


Thou Shalt Not Curse In Public Spaces

Please be respectful and take responsibility for your language. Help SmallWorlds to be a safe and friendly place where everyone can belong.

 Because SmallWorlds is restricted to players aged 13 and over, cursing is not a reportable or bannable offence unless the offender is bullying, harassing, spamming (swearing excessively) or using sexual references. 


Thou Shall Keep It Clean

SmallWorlds is family-friendly, and does not tolerate sexual behavior. Inappropriate behavior is actively investigated and escalated to the authorities.


Thou Shalt Not Cheat

If you create multiple accounts for the purpose of generating gold/tokens/items (known as farming/muling) all of your accounts will be banned – no questions asked.


Thou Shalt Not Scam

Tricking other players into giving their account information or otherwise preying on other players will not be tolerated.


Thou Shalt Not Be Tricked

Be smarter than the scammers – immediately report anyone saying that they will give you free gold/VIP/tokens/items in exchange for your login info. Always have a “buyer beware” attitude.


Thou Shalt Not Spam

Don’t copy and paste or type phrases repeatedly into conversation


Thou Shalt Not False Report

If you intentionally file a false report, it will go on your record.


Be a Good Citizen

The better you are, the better the game – and your experience – will be.


Be sure to also read all of our official legal documentation.

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