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Attributes are characteristics that represent how fast, resilient and protected your avatar is.  You’ll find your avatar has a total of seven attributes. They can be found under your My Profile icon (blue passport), under the Attributes category at the left of the blue panel.


Your avatar’s Health score represents how much damage (how many “hits”) it can withstand. This attribute is important for arena games like “Space Jump” where your avatar will be teleported back to the start once reaching zero health.


  • There are Health power-ups available in our arena games.
  • The Love Potion has a positive health effect, and the Health Staff has a health replenishing staff. Both items are available for purchase at Alchemy, the Magic Shop or from your Shop Catalog (click on the Shop icon on your bottom toolbar).
  • Wear a Health increasing item like a Helmet (and many others).
  • Use your Citizen Levels to increase your health attribute (see Bonus Attribute Points below).


This attribute determines how fast your avatar can move. It’s very useful in the arena games like Space Jump either to get away from attackers or for moving quickly to your target.


  • Energy drinks are available for purchase from your Shop Catalog (click on the Shop icon on your bottom toolbar).
  • The rare Easter Bunny will increase your speed – some players have this for sale.
  • Wear a Speed-increasing item like a skateboard or Angel Wings (and many others).
  • Use your Citizen Points to increase your speed attribute (see Bonus Attribute Points below).


The resistance attributes are:

  • Arcane
  • Shadow
  • Fire
  • Frost
  • Nature

These attributes increase protection against attacks from a weapon or spell of that type. For example, being hit by a Cream Pie or a Gauntlet of Madness counts as an Arcane type attack. Having a high Arcane attribute will make it much less likely your avatar receives the Speed and Health “damage” effects from that attack.

Remember that even if your protection attributes are much higher that the attacking weapon or spell, there is always a small chance that the attack will succeed and the damage will still be done. This is so that there is always a chance for lower level players to compete against more advanced avatars.

Some examples of spells and weapons and their “type” are:

  • Cream Pie (Arcane)
  • Sonic Confusor (Shadow)
  • Firebolt Crossbow (Fire)
  • Snowball (Frost)
  • Fish Head Scroll (Nature)

Some examples of items that provide additional resistance:

  • Leo the African Lion (Arcane)
  • Moretta Mask (Shadow)
  • SmallTrooper Helmet (Fire)
  • Turbo Charged Jet Pack (Frost)
  • Jade Ninja Suit (Nature)

Bonus Attribute Points

You can gain bonus attribute points by increasing your Citizen Levels. Refer to the Citizen Level section of the Info Hub>FAQ for more information on how to earn CP (Citizen Points).

Each Citizen Level gives you bonus points that you can “spend” on increasing your Speed, Health and resistance attributes.

To allocate your Citizen Levels, open the My Profile panel by clicking on the My Profile icon (the passport icon at the bottom of the SmallWorlds window). Choose Attributes from the list on the left side of the panel. Then click the “+” icon next to the attribute you wish to increase.

You can play around with the allocation of bonus attribute points until you are happy – then click the orange save button. Remember once you have saved the allocation, you’ll need to reset your attributes if you want to start over or make changes (see below).

It doesn’t cost any Gold or Tokens to use Citizen Points to increase your attributes.

Resetting Your Attributes

Once you have saved your bonus attribute point allocation, it costs 1000 Gold to reset your attributes back to their original state. Once you do this, all the bonus attribute points that you had previously allocated are de-allocated. You can then choose how to spend them again in exactly the same way you originally allocated them.

Spending or resetting your attribute points does not affect your Citizen Level. For example if you are Citizen Level 60 and you “spend” (allocate) or reset your 60 bonus attribute points, your Citizen Level will still be 60

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