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The forums are a wealth of great information! You can search the threads to find out about the topic that interests you. Current events, notices (and our official contests!) are posted there too – you’ll find them in the ‘Sticky’ area at the top of each forum category.

You can get to the forums from the Community Tab on your Home Page. There’s a massive ocean of information here. To make it easier to look through:

  • Read the “sticky” threads (the first posts at top of each forum, prefixed by the word ‘sticky’) These are posted by SmallWorlds staff.
  • Use the forum search option. The example below teaches you how to search the forums by player/avatar name. You can also search by topic: just put in a keyword instead of an avatar name. For example, “pet tricks”, “magic items”, “popular missions”, etc.
  • Read the new posts each day. On slower days there will be time to read some older posts.

Searching the Forums

  • Go into the Forum Category you wish to search.
  • Click the Search this Forum link at the top right (underneath the page numbers).

Use the following steps to find all threads you have posted on in all Forum Categories:

  • Follow Steps 1 and 2 (above).
  • Click the Advanced Search link.
  • Click Search All Open Forums in the Search Options Box.
  • Type your name into the Key Word(s) field. (If it is shorter than 3 letters try your last name).

You should then be shown a list of all the threads you have posted comments and suggestions on.

Guidelines for Posting on the Forums

At SmallWorlds, we welcome discussion, questions, comments and ideas from all our community members. Please be aware of the following guidelines:


Please treat all members of the SmallWorlds community with courtesy and respect.


Constructive criticism of ideas is encouraged, but general attacks including racial, sexual, religious, ethnic or other forms of
discrimination on a person or idea will not be tolerated.


Obscene language and images are not acceptable. Copyright or illegal material is also not acceptable.


Duplicate posts, posts containing unsolicited commercial messages or posts containing potentially dangerous, offensive or irrelevant links will be deleted.


Keep your posts relevant to the thread you are replying to. Irrelevant posts may be deleted or moved.

Please be aware that members who breach these guidelines may be warned and/or suspended – or in extreme cases have their accounts immediately deactivated.

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