Mission Rewards & XP

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As well as having fun, people also like to play missions for the XP & Token rewards they receive. We have a very simple payout system:

  1. Complete an Approved Mission: receive 250 XP + 1000 Tokens. These are tagged in the missions panel as “SW Approved Payout”
  2. Complete any other mission: receive 25 XP + 100 Tokens. These are tagged “Standard Payout”
  3. Complete any mission in under 3 mins (including Approved Missions): receive 0 XP + 0 Tokens.

XP Cap at 1000 XP Per Day

After you have played four missions in a 24 hour period (you may complete 4 in each XP path), you will be capped at 1000 XP. Once you have reached the cap, you will no longer receive any XP, even if you play an Approved Mission for the correct duration.

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