What Is Kudos?

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Kudos rewards you for playing in SmallWorlds.  You’ll get bonus XP and free items.

Earn 18 Kudos Points each calendar week to win a reward.

  • Week One: Win 1000 Explorer XP
  • Week Two: Win 1000 Gamer XP
  • Week Three: Win 1000 Social XP
  • Week Four:  Win a free reward!

XP rewards aren’t affected by the XP cap.  On the day you’re rewarded you can also earn your regular amount of XP.


How Do I Earn Kudos Points?

You receive Kudos Points when you play featured missions, complete an offer, harvest your plants, play Spin 2 Win, paint a picture, create a sculpture, and lots more.

VIP Club Members get bonus Kudos Points – they’ll receive double the points from each activity they complete!

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