PvP Games (Player vs. Player)

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If you are a gamer at heart, you’ll love the range of PvP games we’ve got available in SmallWorlds!

The basic premise of all our PvP games is this: work together with your team to safely capture the oppositions flag and return it to your teams base without being knocked out. The team with the most points wins!

Pay a visit to Arena Central for all the information you need on PvP gaming. There’s a short Tutorial Video, and information on weapons.


Space Jump, Tombstone, Graveyard or Magma Core?

We have different levels of PvP games depending on your skills. We recommend you start with Space Jump Rookie and work your way up from there.

There’s no need to get a team together first, just turn up to one of the Arena’s and join a game. You’ll find the Arenas in the Featured Places panel, or you can get to them from Arena Central.

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