Tutorial: Creating Your First Mission

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This tutorial covers the basics of how to make your very first mission. In this tutorial you will learn how to create a mission that will complete when a player “says something.”. This will involve setting up a trigger to start your mission and the mission itself.


  1. To start, click on the “Missions” icon on your toolbar.
  2. On the left menu, click “My Missions”.
  3. To create a new mission, click on “Add Mission” on the bottom right of the Mission Panel.

  4. In the “Title” box type in what you wish the mission title to be.
  5. Fill in the “Description” box with a brief description of what your mission is about.
  6. Fill the “Completion Text” with what you want the players to see once they complete the mission.
  7. In the “Entry Fee” box, select the fee you wish to charge players for doing your mission. Upon mission start the amount chosen will be deducted from the players account. Upon completion the amount will be added to your account. (If player cancels mission, they are refunded the entry fee).



  1. Select the “Experience Path” that the player will earn XP in, by completing your mission. Clicking the drop-down will show you the available options.
  2. The “Minimum Level” box is used only if you want to restrict players from playing the mission based on their level in the XP path the mission rewards. For this tutorial we will leave 0 so all players can play the mission.


  1. Clicking the “Panel Style” drop-down will let you select the way the mission panels are displayed.
  2. “Follow on Mission” we will leave blank. This is for more advanced mission making and will be explained in another tutorial.
  3. Save your mission. This brings it into the My Missions List.


Click on “Add Task” to add a new task to this mission.

This brings up the “Add Task” screen.

in the “Title” box, enter the title of the current task.

Next, fill in the “Description” of the task, this is where you give the player instructions on what to do.

The “Completion Text” is what the player reads when they complete the task. This is optional and if left blank the mission will advance straight to next task without the player having to click “Continue”. 


Now it’s time to tell the mission system how to complete the task.

  1. Click on the “Completed By” drop-down and select “Speaking”. In another tutorial we will explain the other options.
  2. In the “Text” box type what you wish the players to say, to complete task. Click “Save”. This takes you back to the “My Missions” list.
  3. It now shows the mission you have created and the task. If you wish to confirm the task is working, you can click “test” and the task card will pop up.


Now it’s time to setup the item that will trigger the start of the mission. In this mission I have decided to use a “Mission Play” orb. First, place the item in your space.

  1. Click the orb to open the context menu, and click on “edit”.
  2. This opens the edit context menu. Click on “Interactions” to open the Interactions panel. The first page in the Interactions panel is the Actions page, this is where you add buttons to an item. We need to add a button to start the mission, so click “Add”.

  3. We need to give the button a name. Type the name you wish the button to have in the “Label” box. Right below the “Label” box is the “Default Action” check-box. If you check this when a player double clicks the item the mission will start.
  4. Now we need to tell the system what to do when the button is clicked. In the top right of the Interaction panel, click on “Reactions”.

  5. Click “Add” to set up the reaction (what happens when button is clicked). Under “React When:” It has defaulted to “Action” “(button) Mission”. In another tutorial we will explore all the options here, but for this tutorial we do not need to do anything here.
  6. Next, we click on the “Reaction” drop-down and select “Start a Mission”.
  7. Finally, we need to tell the system which mission to start on button click. Click on the “Mission” drop-down and select the mission you just created. Click “Save”. Now clicking on the orb will show you the newly created button.

Congrats! You’re a Mission Maker!

Congratulations, you have successfully created your first mission! Now to make the mission active, get one of your friends to come to your space and do the mission. Once they have completed the mission, it will show up under “Most Recent” missions in the mission panel.

If you want to make an Approved Mission (which will payout 250 XP to players), please check out our Approved Mission Guidelines.

If your Mission is not approved, it will payout 25 XP, or 0 XP if it is completed in under 3 minutes.

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