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With our awesome sculpting tool, whatever you can dream up you can CREATE!  People sculpt cars, food, animals, trees, musical instruments… the list is endless, and onlylimited by your imagination.


How Do I Get Started?

To start with, you’ll need to purchase a Sculpture Block . Just type in the words “Sculpture” into the Store Catalog search box and you’ll find all the options.

There are three different sizes you can buy, depending on what you want to create. For beginners, we recommend starting with a Larger block so you can get used to how it all works.


Sculpting Tips

If you're having trouble getting started with sculpting or you're wanting to improve your technique, here are some tips that might help:

  • Start with larger chisels or blocks to get the general shape of whatever you are sculpting. Gradually refine the shape using smaller and smaller chisels.
  • Continually rotate the sculpture as you are refining the shape. This will ensure it looks right from all angles.
  • Use keyboard shortcuts to rotate, pan and zoom. These are
    • Rotate - Ctrl + Hold mouse button and drag.
    • Pan - Alt + Hold mouse button and drag.
    • Zoom - Shift + Hold mouse button and drag (mouse wheel can also control zoom).
  • Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Alt to temporarily invert the currently selected tool. For example, holding Ctrl + Alt + Mouse button with a chisel selected will add a block instead of removing a block. If you had a block selected, Ctrl + Alt + Mouse button would remove a block instead of adding one. For paint brushes, holding Ctrl + Alt turns the brush into an eraser. It also works for sandpaper, letting you 'unsmooth' a surface.
  • Use keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + Z, Ctrl + Y, Ctrl + S and Ctrl + N to undo, redo and save and start a new sculpture.

Note: Ctrl + Z, Ctrl + S and Ctrl + N don't work under Internet Explorer.


The Amazing AutoSculpt Machine

Once you’ve mastered the art of sculpting, you might like to buy one of our autosculpt machines. This allows you to make copies of your sculpture to either give away to friends, or sell for Gold! They’re also available in the Shop Catalogue.

Click here for information on the Autosculpt Machine.


Sculpting Forum

The forums are a great place to meet other keen sculptors. You can ask questions, see pictures of amazing sculptures that other players are making and load images of your own creations – maybe even sell some!

Click here to go to the Sculpting Forum

We also hold Sculpting contests from time to time – they’re great fun! We’ll announce them on the forums, and in First Post.

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