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SmallWorlds movies are all over YouTube.  What started as a small niche activity has blossomed into a hugely creative community of people who make all manner of amazing stuff! Whether you like to create movies, act in them, or just watch them – it’s a really fun community to be a part of.

A SmallWorlds movie is shot on location in SmallWorlds, using SmallWorlds avatars.  Player edit them to include music, special effects,  it’s awesome what some have created! They’re really fun to watch, and a heap of fun to create. What a great project to do with your friends in SmallWorlds!


SmallWorlds Official YouTube Channel

There’s loads of awesome player-created movies loaded on here, so you can get some ideas about what people are creating.

SmallWorlds Official YouTube Channel

Whenever we hold Movie Contests (which are REALLY fun and provide an opportunity to win some cool prizes) all entries are loaded here.


Movies Forum

The “Movies” forum gives you a direct link to all the people who are active in the movie-making community in SmallWorlds. You can go there to hire actors, read about movies in production, learn some useful tips etc. This is also the place you can learn about any official movie contests we may have running.

Click here to check out the Movies forum


The SWOSCARS – SmallWorlds Oscars!

Once a year, we hold the SWOSCARS – The SmallWorlds Oscars, which is a glittering, paparazzi-filled, glamorous in-world affair. The best of SmallWorlds movie makers come out to do battle for fantastic prizes. The quality of whats being produced is getting better and better every year, and competition is fierce! It’s great fun for everyone, movie makers and also for we, the audience! We’re sure that this year will be no different.

How To Create A SmallWorlds Movie

Here's what you'll need:

1. SCREEN RECORDING SOFTWARE: This is similar to taking a screenshot, only it actually records video.

Google Search for MAC:
Google Search for PC:

2. MOVIE EDITING SOFTWARE: This is how you actually edit together the scenes for your movie, add sound, etc. Try a few of them out to see which you like. If you have a Mac you can also use "iMovie" which is installed by default.

Do a Google search for "movie editing software free".

3. SOUND: A great movie has a great soundtrack and/or great sound effects. Just do Google searches for "free sound effects", "free background music", "free sound library" etc - or if you know what sound effects just make your search more specific.

4. PLANNING & SCRIPT: You’ll always get the best results from careful planning. Any time you spend planning will actually save you time in the long run. Do some research on YouTube and watch some great SmallWorlds films that people have already made (there's a small sample on Maybe watch Hollywood trailers, etc to get inspiration. Have a great script and work out how you want to shoot your scenes. Make sure your actors know what they're supposed to say and do ahead of time - you might even want to use a voice programme like Skype to coordinate with each other during the shoot.

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