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There are 4 types of crafting widgets within SmallWorlds. Each craft items up to a certain level. Some widgets craft items you will need for higher level widgets.

Learner Crafter Tools – Crafts items level 1-29

Basic Crafting Kit – Crafts items from level 30-55

Intermediate Crafting Table – Crafts items from level 55-90

Advanced Crafting Table – Crafts items from level 90-200

Sewing Machine – Creates Swuffies, Swuffy hats, couches, chairs, rugs, curtains Level 5+



To craft you’ll need assorted items in varying quantities.

  • Seeds, trading cards, essences (from transmuting trading cards)
  • Staple items like fabric, dye, bottles, thread, furniture, and sometimes, other crafted items.
  • Some items like Swuffies, hats and backpacks require a ‘base’ item, like a white teddy bear. Swuffy hats are plain white caps.

You will save time by looking ahead to see what you need for the recipe, and either buying or crafting the needed items to craft your main item.

Please note, sometimes after purchasing, it won’t immediately show that you have enough items. Exit the widget, open your inventory and refresh it. Then go back into the widget. You should see you have enough now.


To Craft:

If you’re just starting out, pick the first table. Click it then click Craft. The green L1, L2, L3, etc. shows you what crafter level you need to be before you can craft.

You can craft as much as you want every SmallWorlds day, but you will only receive the first 1000xp you earn.

If you don’t have enough an item for a crafting ‘recipe’ you need more of an item, click Buy to buy more of that item, once you have enough, you can proceed.

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