My Browser Crashed or I Received a 404 or Other Error While the Payment Was Processing, How Do I Check if the Payment Went Through?

SmallWorlds Community Services -

Log into Smallworlds and check if your payment appears in the 'orders' section of your account information.

1. Locate your account information section (select the cog in your menu bar)

2. Select 'orders' from the left side bar


If you are unable to locate your payment then we suggest you check to see if you have been charged by your payment provider by contacting them directly using the information below...


Contact Xsolla (Default Credit Card provider)


Contact PayPal 


Contact Openbucks



(Formerly known as Zong)

+1(877)207-7972 or  email



If you are unable to locate the information from your payment provider, please contact our payment support team.

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