Setting a Teleport Interaction on an Item

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This tutorial explains how to have an item teleport you. We will set a chair to teleport you when you sit in it.

Important: To be teleported by an item, you must first have a door or portal set as an Entry Point in your space. You will be teleported to that door or portal. For instructions on how to do set a door or portal up as an Entry Point, refer to the Setting Up Teleports on Doors and Portals section of this forum.

1. Make sure your space is shown in the Places Panel, as follows: Click the wrench next to your space name on the top left of your screen. Choose the Security option. Then make sure the Show in Places Panel box is ticked.

2. Still in the Space Settings window, click on the General option. Then select and Copy the name of your space. (This ensures it is spelled correctly when you search for it in Step 4).

Note that the more unusual your space name is, the easier it will be to find it when you search.

3. Put the chair (or other item) you want to set the interaction on into your space. Click on the chair, then the wrench. Then choose Interactions from the Configure Item menu.

4. Choose Reactions from the top menu and then click on Add.

5. The default action for the chair is to trigger when someone sits on it, so there's no need to change that. In the Reaction field choose Teleport Avatar. Then click on the Set Destination button.

6. Paste the name of your space into the Search Spaces field and press Go. Find your space from those listed, and click on it. Then choose the teleport point in the Entry Point field. You will teleport to the door or portal selected.

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