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At SmallWorlds we aim to encourage creativity, social activity, and freedom of personal expression. However, we want all our citizens to gain maximum enjoyment from the game, and therefore we place some rules around behavior and content, to ensure the comfort and safety of our players.

As the game evolves over time, new situations do occur that require us to adapt or refine our rules. However, all rules are designed primarily with the well-being and protection of our players in mind, and we strive to be absolutely fair and reasonable.

Following is an overview of some of the guidelines we ask all players and staff of SmallWorlds to adhere to, and some answers to common questions regarding these guidelines.

General Behavior and Language Standards

SmallWorlds expects a high standard of conduct from our players, helpers, moderators and staff at all times. We ask that all players, helpers, moderators and staff treat each other with respect and courtesy. We expressly prohibit the use of obscene, racist, or otherwise inappropriate language, or the simulation of sexual acts.

If you encounter a player breaking these rules of conduct, please report them. Click here for more information.

What is appropriate for Avatar, Space, Groups, Widget and Mission Names or Content?

SmallWorlds does not condone the posting of profane, suggestive or inappropriate material to the public. We require our players to ensure that the content they publish publicly is not pornographic, hateful, profane or threatening, and that it does not break any national or international laws.

Generally if content in a private space would be acceptable in a public real-world environment for viewing by people 13 years of age and over, such as on an advertising billboard or in a normal (non-adult) magazine, we will allow it to remain.

Click here for more information about what is acceptable in SmallWorlds private spaces.

What is appropriate for Graffiti Board Art?

All publicly-accessible content must comply with our family-friendly guidelines described above, and this includes art painted on Graffiti Boards. Images of genitalia or sexual acts are not acceptable in public spaces. Art reported as being offensive may be required to be removed from the space.

What About Copyright?

SmallWorlds players may only post material that is owned wholly by themselves, and does not breach any national or international copyright laws.


There are only two safe ways to purchase items from, or trade items with another player.

1. Click on an item that the player has marked for sale and use the Purchase button to buy it. The purchase price should be clearly stated.
2. Go with the other player to The Trading Post space and use one of the Trading Widgets located there to safely trade items or currency.

If someone asks you to give them tokens or an item, and says they will then gift you an item in return, do not do it. Frequently, this means that person is trying to scam you.

Trading Externally

Selling your account or trading items for any real world currency is not allowed and can result in your account being permanently banned.


Sadly, there are some citizens who like to try to cheat other players out of Tokens, Gold or items. Scamming is against our rules and will be dealt with accordingly. To avoid being scammed:

• Do not lend Tokens, Gold or items to anyone.

• Only buy items which have a Purchase button, or use The Trading Post space when trading items or currency. Do not believe anyone who wants you to pay them first and says they will gift you the item.

• Official public spaces such as the Cue Club, Rachel's Tea-Rooms, etc are free spaces and no one works there. Anyone who asks to you pay for entry is trying to scam you.

Click here for a list of other currently-known scams.

If you suspect someone is trying to scam you, please report them. We can not refund losses caused if users are scammed.


SmallWorlds will never ask you for your password! If you do get asked for your password by another player or by email, this is classed as a Phishing attack. Please report the player immediately.

Click here for information about Phishing.


Muling is cheating by creating multiple accounts for the sole purpose of earning Gold, Tokens or items and then transferring them to a main

Creating one or more false social network and/or email accounts and "inviting" these "friends" for the purpose of gaining Citizen Points is also considered to be Muling, and is against SmallWorlds rules.

Click here for information about Muling.

Mission Creation Standards

SmallWorlds encourages freedom and creativity when designing missions, however missions created for the sole purpose of farming Tokens and XP are considered exploits and are against SmallWorlds rules.

Missions must not contain obscene or objectionable language or material, or promote spamming (going into a public space and repeating the same
messsage over and over again).

Click here for more information about Mission Creation Standards.

Click here for information on Reporting a Mission for Offensive Content.


Begging is not specifically against SmallWorlds rules, however if a person begs by repeating the same phrase over and over, this is considered spamming, which is against the rules.

Generally, we encourage players not to beg for Tokens or Gold. If you encounter someone who is begging, the best option is to ask them to stop, or to block them. If they are spamming, you can report them.

Click here for information on how to Block an Avatar.


Spamming is repeating the same word or phrase over and over. If you encounter someone who is spamming, please report them.

Click here for information on how to Report a Avatar.


Harassment in any form ruins the enjoyment of the game for others. We investigate and treat seriously any reports of racial, sexual, religious or ethnic harassment, or any kind of verbal attack against a player. If you are being harassed, please report the player and then block them.

Click here for information on how to Report a Avatar.

Magic Attacks

Magic fights are a part of SmallWorlds gameplay and are usually enjoyable for all parties. However, if magic is repeatedly used on a player who has asked you to stop, this is considered harassment. New players in particular are vulnerable to magic harassment by more experienced players.

Click here for Magic Harrassment Guidelines.

Arena Cheating

Arenas (PVP) are meant for people to have fun and enjoy a fair battle. When a player enters the arena with the sole intention to artificially increasing Arena XP by simply "sitting" in the arena it is considered cheating. For example, holding the door, speed cheat, being in the game when not on a team, not leaving the game area at the end of the game.

If you encounter a player doing this activity please Report the player.

Click here for information on how to Report a Avatar.


What is an exploit? The definition of an exploit is to make use of (a situation) in a way considered unfair or underhand. For example, when something is used selfishly for one’s own ends.

In SmallWorld, when players unfairly obtain gains by the use of any faulty offers, items, etc, they are meeting the criteria of Abuse of an Exploit. Exploit activity is not allowed and can result in your account being permanently banned.

Forums Guidelines

In the SmallWorlds forums we require high standards of courtesy and respect. We do not allow the posting of other player's names or information, or any kind of offensive or inappropriate material.

Click here for our full Forum Guidelines.

Events (Alerts) Standards

In-world alerts should not contain profane or offensive language or statements. We do not allow alerts which advertise or promote sexual acts.

Purchasing SmallWorlds Products

By purchasing goods or services through SmallWorlds, you acknowledge and accept our Terms of Sale. By using the SmallWorlds website and service, you explicitly agree to the Terms of Service.

What action does SmallWorlds take?

While we will do our very best to be reasonable and fair, SmallWorlds reserves the right to cancel accounts and ban users at any time, for any reason.

We take great care to only ban people for the protection of the community. We have a formal process we go through, in which players are generally warned or booted for first offenses, leading up to temporary or permanent bans for repeat offenses. Serious offenses such as Phishing and Scamming are dealt with more severely, and no warnings will be given.

If you feel you have been unfairly treated, please contact our customer services team by clicking here. Ensure you give full details, so we can review your case.

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