How To Report a Mission for Offensive Content

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If you see a mission that uses obscene language, is exploiting or cheating, or is offensive for any other reason, please report it.

Please do not report if you cannot complete a mission or do not understand what you are supposed to do for a mission. In that case you can often ask the mission creator for help.

There are two ways you can report an offensive mission. You can report the space where the mission is located by clicking on the camera in the top left corner where the name of the space is, taking a photo, and then clicking the Report Content button. You can enter the details of the offensive content in the window that will open.

The other option is to report the mission task that is offensive. To do this:

1. Open your Missions Panel (the Hat icon in your bottom toolbar).

2. On the left side of the panel, click on My Active. This will show all your active tasks. (An active task is the task you are up to in a mission you have accepted and started but not yet completed).

3. Make sure the right Active Task is selected for the mission you want to report, and click on the Report Mission link.

4. Enter the specific details on why you are reporting this mission. Details of the available options are shown in the screen for you to choose from.

Scamming/Phishing: Select this if the mission is trying to get your personal details such as your email or password.

Sexual or racial abuse: Select this if the mission contains unacceptable sexual or racist content.

Obscene language or material: Select this if the mission contains bad language or other offensive content such as obscene Flickr images or video.

Exploiting or Cheating: Select this to report missions that have been created for the sole purpose of earning tokens and XP. Exploit missions enable players to complete multiple missions simultaneously with the same task. Missions that have tasks that only require you to travel to different spaces around SmallWorlds and do not include productive tasks are also considered an exploit of the Mission Engine.

Spamming: Select this if a mission asks you to go into a public space and repeat the same messsage over and over again.

Other: If reporting for a reason not covered above, select Other. In the textbox describe what the problem with the mission is. Be as specific as possible. If you can, please type exactly what the offensive mission content is. The more detailed and accurate, the easier it is for us to take appropriate action. You will not get in trouble if you put curse words in your report. Make sure you have at least 15 characters or you will not be able to submit the report. If the Report button is not clickable you have not entered enough information in the report.

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