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The SmallWorlds VIP Club is the premium way to enjoy the SmallWorlds experience. For a small monthly or pre-paid subscription, the VIP Club offers the following great benefits:

• When you buy VIP with money, you'll get either a monthly salary of SmallWorlds Gold, or a lump sum payment.

• You'll get Citizen Points when you buy VIP. This gives you access to cool skates, skateboards, hoverboards, power boards, magic carpets, emotes, and weapons!

• Being VIP gives you access to a lot more face and make-up options, as well as some of our most exclusive clothing and wearables.

• Only VIPs can wear special items like Bobz, Hoops, Guitars, and Tattoos.

• You'll be able to take your pet with you wherever you go.

• You'll get access to VIP-only spaces. 

• You'll get access to the Dance Studio, so your avatar's dance moves can stand out from the pack. VIPs can save three different dances, so they can really rock the dance-floor.

• Purchase a one-year VIP membership, and you'll get an exclusive free gift that's not sold in shops. It's our way of saying thanks!


Common Questions

Here are some answers to common questions about VIP membership.

How Much Gold Will I Get With Paid VIP Membership?

VIP Members who pay for memberships with real currency (Credit Card, Paypal, etc) will receive gold with the purchase of a VIP Membership. This will depend on type of purchase you make.

- If you you pay for a monthly subscription with a credit card, you'll get 2,000 Gold each month. (You'll get the Gold each time your credit card is charged).

- If you buy a package with several months of VIP, you'll get the Gold all at once at the time you purchase the package. With the 3 Month Subscription, you'll get 6,000 Gold. With the 6 Month Subscription, you'll get 12,000 Gold. The amount of Gold that comes with the package will be stated in the package details.*

* Some inclusions are subject to your payment method. Please read the detailed description of your purchase.


I've clicked on a link to sign up for a VIP Club Membership but nothing is happening

• The signup process opens in a new window or browser tab (depending upon the settings of your browser)
• You may have popup windows blocked or you may not be noticing the new window or tab opening
• You can change the settings of your browser, or try a different browser if you have more than one installed


I can't remember how long I signed up for. How can I find this out?

• When logged into Smallworlds click on Account (top right) - the expiry date of your VIP Club Membership will be clearly shown on this page


I got an email saying my VIP Club Membership has expired. I am sure this is wrong, what do I do?

• When logged into Smallworlds click on Account (top right) - the expiry date of your VIP Club Membership will be clearly shown on this page.


How Do I Remove VIP Options from my Avatar?

• After logging in, click on the small wrench in the top right corner of the box that your avatar is in. Continue to edit your avatar(face, hair, eyes, mouth, decals, glasses, clothing) until the VIP icon does not show on the page. Don't forget to check belts, necklaces, glasses etc as they are easily forgotten.


Why can't I see the option to purchase VIP using Gold?

• If you do not currently have the minimum 1500 gold to purchase a month of VIP, the option to purchase with gold may not be visible to you.

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