What Item Types Are There In SmallWorlds?

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These are the main SmallWorlds item types:

1. Normal Items.

These are regular items sold in everyday SmallWorlds shops, such as Mary's Antiques, Smallwear, or Modern Living.

2. Seasonal Items.

Seasonal items are items which are released in an official SmallWorlds store for a limited time only, but may return to an official store at a later date.  For example, Seasonal items are released for special events such as Christmas or Halloween and sold for only the duration of that event period, but may be re-released for the same event in the following year.

Seasonal items have a small green 'S' symbol displayed with the item icon in your inventory.

Seasonal Items Are Not Reusable

Seasonal consumable items (things you can eat, drink or use) are not reusable. If you select to Use these items, they will disappear from your inventory and can not be recovered.

3. Rare Items.

Rare items are released for one-off limited periods. Once removed from sale, they will not be available again except by purchasing through another SmallWorlds player.

An example of Rare items (or 'Rares') are the Monthly Collectible suits. Each Monthly Collectible suit is only available in Mysterio's during the month of its release, and will never be sold in any official store again.

Rare items have a small 'R' symbol displayed with the icon in your inventory.

If a crafted item is made using a Rare item in the recipe, then that crafted item is also classed as Rare.

Rare Items Are Reusable

Rare consumable items (things you can eat, drink or use) are reusable, so you can use them over and over.

4. Super Rare Items.

Super Rare Items are exclusive, limited-edition items. They are usually the most valuable items in SmallWorlds due to their scarcity. Items may be badged as Super Rare if they are only available for players to purchase for a very short period of time (e.g. 24 hours), or if they are Spin To Win items that are difficult to win and only on the wheel for a short period.

Super Rare Items have a small red 'S' symbol displayed with the item icon in your inventory.

5. Bound Items.

Bound Items can only be owned by the account that purchased them (they cannot be bought or sold).

6. Admin Items. 

Admin Items are only for use by SmallWorlds staff. These items cannot be owned by players and will never be available for purchase in SmallWorlds unless they are rebadged. 

Searching for Rare and Seasonal Items

If you wish to see all of your Rare or Seasonal items, you can type 'Rare' or 'Seasonal' into the Search field in your inventory.

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