How Not To Get Scammed or 'Hacked'

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If someone wants you to pay for their help, they're trying to scam you. Move on to someone else. If you are stuck or need more information, just ask, "Can someone please help me?". There are plenty of genuine friendly citizens who will be happy to help you.

NEVER give anyone your password

Never give anyone your password for any reason. No SmallWorlds staff member will ever ask for your password. 

Common Scams

  • Pretending to be SmallWorlds staff and promising free Gold in return for your password.
  • Promising free Gold/VIP/items - but they need your password to put it in your account.
  • Sending an inworld mail that asks for your password.

How to avoid other scams

Don't "lend" tokens or items. If anyone, even someone you consider a friend, asks to 'borrow' an item, the safest option is to say no. You may never get that item back.

If someone keeps 'begging' (asking you for tokens), the best strategy is to just ignore them. Eventually they will give up and go away. Giving tokens to other players only encourages this behavior.

If you are buying items from a member, make sure the item has a "purchase" button on it. Do not buy something if the member says you have to pay them first and they will "gift" you the item.

Public spaces (Cue Club, The Island, Rachel's Tea Rooms - anything owned by someone with SmallWorlds as a surname) are FREE SPACES. Nobody works there, and you never need to pay to get in. If someone asks you for an entry fee to a public space, they are trying to scam you.

Never pay for a job! Often, if someone asks you to pay for a job it is a scam - you may pay the tokens and get booted.

Blocking and Reporting

If someone is begging or otherwise annoying you, you can block them or report them.

  • Block them if they are annoying you but not breaking any SmallWorlds rules
  • Report them if they are using foul language or breaking any other SmallWorlds rules.

Blocking An Avatar

Click here to learn how to block.

Reporting An Avatar

Click here to learn how to report.


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