Citizen Points and Citizen Levels

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Citizen Levels are the most important attribute your avatar has. They can be achieved by earning Citizen Points.

How many Citizen Points make up a Citizen Level?

1 Citizen Level = 20 Citizen Points

What will Citizen Levels give me?

• A title which bestows a social ranking. You can rise from humble beginnings to become a SmallWorlds Grand Duke or Grand Duchess!
• Access to exclusive items, like skates, skateboards, hoverboards, power boards, magic carpets, emotes, and weapons!
• An XP and Token Bonus when doing missions.
• They boost your avatar's Health and Speed.

Earn Citizen Points For VIP Membership

If you purchase the Monthly VIP package you will receive 120 Citizen Points (6 Levels) per month. 

Earn Citizen Levels by Purchasing CP

You can buy Citizen Points through the Shopping panel in-world.

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Earn Citizen Points by Inviting Friends

To invite your friends to play SmallWorlds, click on Me on your bottom Toolbar, then choose Invite Friends from the menu on the Me panel.


Your Rewards For Inviting

When your friend creates a SmallWorlds account, you will receive 50 Gold, 100 Tokens and 1 Citizen Point.

When your friend reaches Level 10 PrimaryXP, you will receive a total of 150 Gold, 300 Tokens, and 21 Citizen Points (1CL).

More Information

Click here for more information on inviting friends and earning Citizen Points.

XP and Token Bonuses for High-Ranking Citizens

Citizens with a Citizen Level of 5 or above receive a bonus of extra XP and Tokens when they complete a mission. The bonus received (a percentage of the normal payout) is detailed below.

If you are Citizen Level 5 (up to CL9) - you receive a 10% bonus.
If you are Citizen Level 10 (up to CL19) - you receive a 20% bonus.
If you are Citizen Level 20 (up to CL39) - you receive a 30% bonus.
If you are Citizen Level 40 (up to CL79) - you receive a 40% bonus.
If you are Citizen Level 80 (up to CL159) - you receive a 50% bonus.
If you are Citizen Level 160 (up to CL239) - you receive a 60% bonus.
If you are Citizen Level 240 (up to CL319) - you receive a 70% bonus.
If you are Citizen Level 320 or over - you receive an 80% bonus.
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