How Do I Personalize Messages to Recognize Items or Avatar Names?

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You can automatically personalize different messages, for example:

• You can set a message to greet a person by name when they enter your space.

• You can set up an item interaction so that an object in your space says a person's name. (Item interactions are described in the How Do I Make An Item Say or Do Something section).

• You can enter a code into your motto so that the person who reads it sees their own name.

• You can have an object say the name of the space it's in, its own description, the amount it costs in Gold or Tokens, or other personalized information, as detailed below.

Codes To Insert Personal Information

$avatarName - The name of the avatar (Eg. John Smith)

$avatarDescription - The motto of the avatar

$avatarFirstName - The first name of the avatar (Eg. John)

$avatarLastName - The last name of the avatar (Eg. Smith)

$avatarFullName - The full name of the avatar (Eg. John Smith the 2nd)

$petName - The name of the avatar's pet

Codes To Insert Other Information

$spaceName - The name of the space

$spaceDescription - The description of the space

$spaceAvatarCount - The number of avatars in the space

$spaceItemCount - The number of items in the space

$spaceRating - The rating of the space

$spaceVotes - The number of votes the space has

$itemName - The name of the item

$itemDescription - The description of the item

$itemPriceGold - The price of the item in gold

$itemPriceTokens - The price of the item in tokens

Setting Up a Personalized Item Interaction

This is an example of how to use a code to recognize an avatar name. In this example, we'll configure a chair to say "Sit here", followed by the avatar's name.  For example, if an avatar called Doris comes within 2 meters of the chair it will say, "Sit here Doris."

Do this as follows:

1. Click on the chair to bring up its information panel. Click on the Spanner.

2. Click on the Interactions link

3. Click on Reactions.

4. Click on Add to add a new reaction.

5. Select Proximity from the drop-down list.

6. Select Is Within from the drop-down list.

7. Enter a distance. For this example, enter 2 Meters.This will trigger the reaction when an avatar in the space is within 2 meters of the chair.

8. In this example you want the chair to say something when the reaction is triggered, so select Say Something in the Reaction field.

9. Type in the message the item will say, including the code that means it will say the avatar's name. For this example, type "Sit here $avatarName".

A full list of the codes you can use to personalize messages is given above.

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