Cheats: What Is Muling?

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What is Muling?

"Muling" is cheating by creating multiple accounts to earn and transfer tokens and/or gold by repeatedly completing the basic missions and tasks - then transferring tokens, gold, and items to their original main account(s).

Sending multiple friend invites to your own alternative accounts to gain CP (Citizen Points) is also considered cheating.

Why is this cheating?

This practice is unfair on other players who put real time and effort into building the income, experience and unique personality of their avatars. Players who practice muling instead use repetitive unskilled methods to unfairly gain wealth or CP for their main avatars without truly contributing to the culture or gameplay of SmallWorlds.

How does SmallWorlds catch Mulers?

We have several tools that help up automatically detect Muling, there are many tell-tale signs and sooner or later, all Mulers are discovered.

What happens with Mulers?

First-time offenders will receive an instant ban of all mule accounts and may have the unfairly gained Tokens, Gold, and Items removed from their main accounts. They will be notified in writing and if they feel they have been unfairly treated they can appeal in writing to our customer services team and and their case will be considered. In most cases Muling is very obvious and arguments such as "my sister did it" will not be accepted as the user is responsible for the operation of their account.

Repeat offenders will receive an instant ban of all accounts, including their main account(s).

These practices are NOT Muling:

Having multiple accounts

While SmallWorlds doesn't encourage multiple accounts, we don't prohibit it either. The best way to decide if it is Muling or not is this: Do you use your other accounts for actual gameplay, have you spent time making friends, creating their space - do you value the avatars on this account? If so, this is a genuine account. If you just create and use this account to farm tokens, gold, and items for a different account, then it's Muling. It's easy for us to tell the difference.

Having multiple avatars

SmallWorlds allows up to 5 avatars on each account, these share the same inventory and Token/Gold balances.

Transferring tokens, gold, or gifting items between genuine accounts

Transferring and gifting between real accounts is a normal practice. The key thing is, are the accounts used for genuine gameplay, or was one of them used to simply farm tokens, gold, or items?

Inviting your real friends to join SmallWorlds

SmallWorlds encourages and rewards (with Citizen Points) our players who spread the word about all the great things about SmallWorlds. If you invite your friends via email or via your social networking presences, this is not considered muling as long as each of these friends is a real and separate person!

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