Creating Missions: Overview

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What Are Missions?

Missions are a way for players to create fun, interesting and rewarding things for other players to do. Player-created missions reward the player XP and tokens when completed. The mission creator (the player who creates the mission) can also make tokens by charging other players a small fee for playing their mission.

Missions are essentially a list of tasks that the player is required to perform.

Mission Tasks

Each task can be completed by:

• Saying or whispering something, emoting or performing an action (E.g. dancing)

• Consuming or using an item (on themselves or others)

• Interacting with one or more items (using the Interactions feature)

The mission creator can also define additional conditions around the completion of a task, like where the player should be, how many other people should be there etc.

When a mission task is completed, the next task is activated for the player. When the last task in the mission is done, the mission is considered completed and the player is given a reward of XP (Experience) and Tokens.

The Mission's XP Path

The XP Path for the mission (Social, Gamer, Artist or Explorer) is chosen by the mission creator.

Mission Rewards

The tokens and XP rewarded for completing a mission is determined by a calculation that takes the following into account:

• The number of plays the mission has had. As a mission gets more plays, the system becomes more "confident" about the average time taken, and pays out more generously. After 100 plays, the system has full confidence in the mission times.

• The average time to complete the mission. In general terms, the longer the mission takes to complete, the bigger the payout. The system has an upper limit of 30 minutes per mission (i.e. if the average time to complete the mission is greater than 30 minutes, the reward will be limited as though it only took 30 minutes).

• How fast the player completed the mission when compared to the average time. The faster the player is, the better the reward (up to 1.5 times the reward given to an "average" player). Likewise a slow player gets a small penalty, when compared to a player who completes close to the average time.

Note: If you change a mission by adding or removing a task, the system will lose confidence in the average time, meaning the rewards will be calculated as though it was a new mission again.

Glossary and Explanation of Mission Terms

For a glossary and full explanation of terms that you are likely to encounter when creating your own missions, refer to the Mission Definitions section of this forum.

More Information

For detailed instructions on how to create your own mission, refer to the following articles: 


SmallWorlds does not want to limit the creativity of our players; however we do request that you do not exploit a mission for the sole purpose of earning tokens and XP. Refer to this article for more details on what not to do when creating your missions.

If a player reports your mission as an exploit (a Time Bomb Mission), a Moderator will review it. If it is confirmed that it is in violation, options will be provided to you to correct that mission.

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