How To Change Your Name, Password, or Email Address

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Follow these steps to change your personal details such as your name, password, or email address. 

1. Login to SmallWorlds and go inworld.

2. Click on the Settings Icon in your bottom toolbar. This will open the Account Settings panel. 

3. Click on Personal in the menu on the left side of the panel. 

Changing Your Name Or Password

Change your name using the First Name/Last Name fields.

Change your password by entering your new password into the New Password field. Once successfully saved, your new password will get you into your account.

We strongly recommend making your password difficult for people to guess. For example, don't use your name as your password.

Changing Your Email Address

When you change your email address for your SmallWorlds account, we send an email to the original address you set your account up with, and you need to confirm your change of email by clicking a link inside the email.

How To Change Your Email Address

If you have access to your original email account, follow these steps:

1. Open the Personal menu in the Account Settings panel as detailed above, then change your email in the Email field.

2. Make sure that you click the Save Settings button once you are done.

3. A 'Confirm Email Change' email will be sent to the email address set on your account before this change. Find this email and click the link to confirm the change. (Be sure and check your Spam or Junk folders if you can't find it).

If You Don't Have Access To Your Original Email Address

If you can't access your original email account to confirm your password change, please contact our customer services team by clicking here, and they will be able to help you change the email on your account.

Changing your Avatar Name Or Gender

You can change your avatar name or gender, however this is a paid service. Use the following steps to change your avatar name or gender.

1. Click on the Customize button in the avatar selector panel on the Profile Page (shown below).

2. The Shop page will automatically open with two new packages to choose from. Select whether you wish to change your avatar name or gender, then enter your payment details to continue.

Your purchase will allow you a single change of either your avatar name, or your avatar's gender.

3. Follow the prompts to change your avatar's name or gender.

Inappropriate, offensive or misleading names - including those implying an Avatar is a SmallWorlds staff member - will be changed by our moderation team.

Can I Delete My SmallWorlds Account?

It is not currently possible to delete an account. However you can delete all your Avatars and Spaces by logging in, going to your Home Page, and clicking on the trash can at the top right corner of each Avatar in your Avatar carousel.

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