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At SmallWorlds our top priority is to ensure that you, as users, are kept safe from harm. However, we can only deliver a safe and secure service to you provided you do not share personal details to other users of SmallWorlds.


No matter how much you know or trust your SmallWorlds friends, there is no true way of knowing who they actually are behind their computer screen. Some major internet related issues arise from users revealing information that may put themselves in harms way.


Here are some helpful tips to ensure you are keeping your personal information safe:

  • Do not use your real name as your SmallWorlds avatar
  • Ensure that your social networking sites are set to "Private"
  • Never reveal your e-mail address
  • Do not reveal your date of birth to other  users
  • Do not reveal your address to other users


  • Helpful Reminder: The internet can be a dangerous place and the Moderation Team do the best they can to ensure your safety, but you must keep yourself safe too!
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