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Don’t share your username and password – we can’t refund your losses in this case!

SmallWorlds will not refund items, tokens or gold taken by someone with whom they shared their username and password.

Any time you share your details with anyone you lower the security and integrity of your account. This is true regardless of your relationship with the person you are sharing with, for example your family, partner, friend, roommates, etc.

You should treat your SmallWorlds account as if it were a Bank Account. If you give away access to your accounts, the Bank will not cover any losses.

For more information on what you can do to keep your account safe, please see How To Safeguard Your Account

What can be done?

We follow up on abuse reports of people accessing accounts and transferring items against the wishes of the person who gave them their details. If you ever feel that your account may have been accessed by someone other than yourself, change your password immediately.

What can't be done?

We can’t refund items, Tokens, or Gold, or compensate for losses in any way. Your losses were a result of your choice to share your details. Unfortunately there is no way for you (or us) to prove that it was not you who made the transfers or that you did not authorize them. For this reason SmallWorlds Moderatoration Team will not respond to any reports regarding the return of items - they will however investigate the claims and act as necessary.


  • Helpful Reminder: You are responsible for your account. If you choose to share your personal details - you will be responsible for what happens on your account. This includes breaches of the SmallWorlds Rules.
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