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What is Phishing?

Phishing is the criminally fraudulent process of attempting to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, logins & passwords. Phishers use email, malicious websites or other media to solicit your information from your gaming account.

Attackers will promise to reward players with tokens, gold, or other items within the game. In return, they request your information necessary to access your account. Sometimes they may pretend to be a SmallWorlds staff member. When users respond with the requested information (user email address and password) attackers can use it to gain access to the accounts.

SmallWorlds staff will never ask you for gold or tokens. If you receive an in-world email which says it is from a SmallWorlds staff member which demands either of these things, you are a victim of a phishing scam. Please report the sender and delete the email/mail - never respond to them.


How do you avoid being a victim?

  • Do not reveal personal information in an email, and do not respond to email solicitations for this information. This includes following links sent in email.
  • Never provide your account login information and password to anyone.
  • Do not send sensitive information over the Internet before checking a web site’s security.
  • Pay attention to the URL of a web site. Malicious web sites may look identical to a legitimate site, but the URL may use a variation in spelling or a different domain (e.g., .com instead of .net). The Site may be a completely different URL but still look the same visually.
  • If you are unsure whether an email request is legitimate, try to verify it by contacting the company directly.
  • The SmallWorlds site address is
  • Do not use contact information provided on a web site connected to the request; instead, check the official website for contact information. Information about known phishing attacks is also available online from groups such as the Anti-Phishing Working Group.

What do you do if you think you are a victim?

If you believe you might have revealed sensitive information about your organization, change your password immediately and then report the site to the SmallWorlds Support team. They can be alert for any suspicious or unusual activity.

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