Current Known Scams

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This page will be updated frequently with known scams currently inworld.

  • Sales of Duplicated Artworks.
    1. Scam Description: In Private Art Sales, where an artwork has been duplicated and the invalid copy is for sale. Once you leave the space where the transaction is completed, the item disappears leaving no history of that item.
    2. How to Avoid: Do not purchase any Artworks in a private sale from an unknown or untrusted seller until SmallWorlds have closed this loophole to prevent future scams.
    3. What to do if Scammed: Report the seller immediately when you become aware of this scam. Please provide as much detail as you can on the seller (name, space, date & time etc). .
  • Avatars selling items where you have to give the avatar the tokens and they say they will gift you the item, you cant just click on the item to purchase it. If you cant click on the item to purchase it then odds are the item doesn’t exist or isn’t really for sale.

  • Players attempting to sell you items for real money – for example “If you credit my PayPal account with $5 I’ll gift you the Oaken Chair” – never take part in a transaction like this, SmallWorlds will instantly ban these players

  • Saying you can stay in a room for X tokens and then being booted after you have paid. There are a ton of free rooms out there where you dont have to pay entry. Maybe try those out instead.

  • Saying you can be an officer of the room when you give the owner x tokens, and then not coming through.

  • People charging entry for featured SmallWorlds spaces/shops. SmallWorlds owned spaces and shops will always be free entry.

  • Give me x tokens and I will give you xx tokens in return.

  • Give me x tokens and I will give you x gold coins in return. This is not actually possible as gold coins cant be transferred between users.

  • Selling presents that are labeled with expensive items that don’t contain the item on the label. If you cant see the item. DON’T BUY IT.

  • Charging entry to a space they are not an Owner or Officer/Contributor/Member of.

  • Asking for information to acquire credit card, cell phone numbers and transaction pins to complete purchases of gold or VIP packages. They may offer to do the transaction for you. Do not let them, just report.

  • Offering for you “live” at their space or “move into” their space. You put items down then they ban you from that space once its decorated. (if this happens use another avatar to get your stuff back)

  • When offering to purchase an item, a current scam is that the user will request you to make sure you place a “,” in the price when putting it up for sale. Never put a comma when marking an item for sale. For example, if you place a price of 100,000. When it was saved, the comma removed the zeros and marked the item for sale as 100.

  • Charging to teach you another language, please be very cautious who you provide tokens to for services that they promise.

  • When purchasing items from another player, be careful if you start to lag while attempting the purchase. If you lag, you may think you need to purchase an item, when you have already purchased it. Always check your transaction history and your inventory when you make a purchase.

  • Users changing item descriptions to make items appear like they’re ‘enhanced’ or better magic or items than they really are. There is only 1 form of any item, there are no ‘enhanced’ versions of any items.

  • Be sure when betting in pool games that the amount never changes. If someone you’re playing exits and returns in, be sure the amount is still the same.

  • When wagering on a PVP game, please realize you are at risk if you participate in a wager in a private space. Wager on PVP games in public spaces to prevent from being scammed.

  • Users have been asking others to trade wearables by marking them for sale for 1 gold. The Scammer will place their item out like they are going to mark it for sale too. Once the user places the item for sale the Scammer will take the item marked for 1 gold and run off taking their item that was never marked for sale.

  • Players have reported that they will receive an item (X) from an individual making a trade not knowing that this user has marked the item for sale for 1 gold. The scammer will then request the player to trade an item (Y) to complete the deal. Upon the completion of the trade, the scammer will request the player to display (X). At the time the item is displayed, the scammer will purchase (X) for 1 gold and escape with both items (X) and (Y).

  • Players have reported that individuals are selling Christmas swapped items as rares. Individuals are changing the item descriptions and selling them as rares.

  • Players have reported that individuals are selling regular treasure chests (that are on sale in the catalog) and calling them the “Loyalty Challenge” Box of Mystery.

  • Players creating notifications that look like system alerts of being gifted items. They can use it to scam people in trades (I’ll gift you an item and you’ll give me tokens, etc.). Players should not trust these “system alerts” and always check their inventory to confirm they actually received the item.

  • Players have reported individuals that have scammed their items by “offering to glitch their item”. The player will ask the victim to trade an item so both can use it in that space and they will gift it back as soon as they glitch it. Once the gift is received, the player will leave with the item and not return it. If someone offers to “glitch your item”, consider as “scam your item.”

If you see anyone doing any of the scams above please do report them using the report abuse feature. You find this by clicking on the avatar then click on moderation options.

Scamming is cheating, just like Muling and users that are Scamming will be caught and will be dealt with the same way.

If you know of any other scams please do report them to so we can add verified scams to this list.

If You Have Been Scammed

We are noticing a significant number of requests coming in from our users, asking us to refund items, tokens or gold that they have lost because they have given them to a user who “scammed” them.

What We Can Do in These Cases

Follow up on abuse reports of people scamming other users. Be as specific as possible – in most cases, a ban is issued.

What We Can’t Do

Refund items, tokens, gold – or compensate for losses in any way – this was a result of your choice to follow through with the scam. In certain circumstances SmallWorlds will restore rare items and/or an amount of currency lost. Once an account has received this exception, they are not eligible for it again.

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