Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

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Now you can use your phone to add an extra level of security to your SmallWorlds account.

Why Add An Authenticator?

It means nobody can get into your account unless they have your username, password and a code from your phone.
This gives you peace of mind. Your account will never be compromised!

It’s Quick And Easy!


Download the Google Authenticator App.There are other Apps available, but we recommend Google Authenticator. It’s free, and works on most mobile phones. Click one of the buttons to get it.

Get it on Google PlayGet it on the App Store


Open the app on your phone.

Open the Authenticator app by finding it in your Apps directory. 



Choose ‘Scan A Barcode’.

There are two options: Scan Barcode and Key.  If your phone has a working camera, we recommend the Barcode option for speed and convenience.



Capture the barcode with your phone.
Just aim your phone at the barcode. It will automatically take the picture once it’s aligned in your screen.



OR you can manually type in the 16-digit Key.



Type the code into SmallWorlds.

Open your Settings window in SmallWorlds, click on Attach Authenticator, and type the code in. You’ll get an Authenticated Badge on your About Me page!

                                THE CODE WILL CHANGE EACH TIME.


Using Authenticator To Log In

  • When you get promoted for a code, open authenticator on your phone and enter the 6-digit number.
  • Your random 6-digit number changes every minute.
  • Once the code changes, the old code is useless. Keep an eye on the timer to the right of your code in your authenticator, and make sure you enter the current code.

Detaching The Authenticator

We don’t recommend you detach (remove) your Authenticator. Your security is important, even if you find it a little more time consuming to log in.

If you must remove it:

1. In SmallWorlds, go to the Settings Panel in your bottom toolbar.
2. Inside the Account section, you can see your Verification & Authenticator status.
3. Click on Detach Authenticator
4. You will need to type two 6-digit codes from your phone, so please type the current one you see displayed, then wait until a new one appears (this may take up to 1 minute to change).

Can’t log-in? Lost your phone? …Contact us!

Computers and phones can be tricky, and sometimes we may need to help you if you break or lose your phone.

If you are locked out of your account please contact support.

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